Project Solicitation

Project solicitation services are a critical component of the real estate advisory services to government, specifically with respect to enhanced use lease and privatization transactions. The process begins with a feasibility analysis of market conditions, supported by a pro forma and financial model to test project financial viability, and concludes with crafting of a marketing and disposition strategy. In collaboration with the client, prospective bidders are identified and qualified through a Request for Qualifications. Request for Proposals are drafted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulations and submitted to the client for advertisement. The Request for Proposals may include an Industry Forum to familiarize bidders with the site and condition of the property and inform bidders as to the evaluation process. Upon receipt of offers, proposals are evaluated, based on price and technical qualifications, and submitted to the client with recommendations for contract negotiations, need for further clarification or non-action.

  • Marketing and Disposition Strategies
  • Request for Qualifications, Request for Proposals, Industry Forums
  • Evaluation of Proposals with recommendation for award or non-action