Feasibility Analysis

The feasibility of a project, whether for acquisition, disposition or redevelopment purposes begins with an analysis of the site, the market, absorption, yields, trends and zoning to determine the desired use. The process continues with due diligence review and assessment of pertinent documents such as the deed with a view toward any use restrictions or conditions which may limit or restrict a change in use. Environmental assessments may be conducted as part of an FCA or may further include a Phase I or Phase II assessment, wetlands delineation, cultural and wildlife assessments. A change from the current use may require approvals from the local government department of planning and zoning. Government approvals may also be required for environmental permits and regulatory compliance. The feasibility analysis also offers a pro forma and cash flow model, prepared in collaboration with the client, as a decision-making tool.

  • Site Analysis, Market Analysis, Yield Analysis
  • Due diligence, Document Review, Environmental Assessments, Government Approvals
  • Preliminary Pro forma and Financial Analysis