Landfill Monitoring

Arc Environmental maintains several long-term contracts with municipal clients to provide all services associated with landfill monitoring, such as groundwater, surface water and leachate sampling; residential potable well sampling; monthly groundwater elevation gauging; development and performance of field screening for methane in facility buildings; and landfill gas monitoring to assess landfill gas intrusion and migration.

These contracts include the field sampling, laboratory analysis, and site-specific reporting. Semi-annual reports are prepared and include a statistical evaluation and assessment of the analytical data in accordance with 40 CFR, Part 258, “Criteria for MSW Landfills.” Reports include groundwater contour maps, historical data tables, and a qualitative results discussion. Our geologists and field technicians are highly skilled and have access to all necessary equipment for ensuring a complete, thorough, and accurate assessment of site conditions. This inventory includes submersible and peristaltic pumps, water quality meters, survey equipment, gas meters, pond samplers, dippers, hand augers, and core barrels.