Lead-based Paint

Maryland’s Lead Poisoning Prevention Program (Commonly referred to as HB 760) provides liability protection against lead poisoning lawsuits to Owners and Managers who obtain Lead Compliance Certificates for their rental property. Arc Environmental has performed thousands of HB 760 compliance inspections for Maryland property owners and managers since the Program’s inception in February, 1996. The three compliance inspection options are as follows:

Lead-Free: A lead-free property (results ≤ 0.7 mg/cm2) completely eliminates the continued responsibility to register annually with MDE, and demonstrate compliance with Risk Reduction Standards at each occupancy turnover. The sampling protocol involves testing representative painted architectural components in each room of the dwelling unit, including basements, common areas and the exterior.

Dust-Wipe: Recommended for properties built prior to 1950. Dust wipe samples are taken in each room and sent to a laboratory for analysis. Paint conditions throughout the dwelling unit must be thoroughly intact.

10 Standard Treatments: Two-part process involving an abatement contractor and a visual inspector. Upon the completion of the treatments, a licensed visual inspector provides the final visual inspection certifying property compliance.

ATTENTION D.C. property managers, owners, landlords and contractors:

2013 Lead Regulations Finalized by DDOE
Became Effective July 26, 2013
Immediate Compliance Required

(see http://ddoe.dc.gov/lead for details)

Are you in compliance with the D.C. Lead Disclosure Law and/or EPA’s RRP Ruling? Click here to find out more about D.C.’s Lead Disclosure Law and the EPA’s RRP Ruling.