Lead-Based Paint

Arc Environmental was founded in 1994 as a lead-based paint inspection and testing company. Since then, we have performed tens of thousands of lead-based paint inspections for residential single- and multi-family properties, commercial properties, and for pre-renovation and pre-demolition hazardous material surveys. Our lead inspectors and risk assessors are certified and licensed in Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Delaware, New York, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Lead-based paint inspections typically consist of one or more of the following:

Environmental Investigation: performed in accordance with Chapter 16 of the HUD Guidelines to determine the source of lead exposure for a child under the age of six with an elevated blood lead level. The investigation consists of a site inspection and an evaluation of environmental lead concentrations – house dust (dust wipe samples), painted surfaces that are defective (chipping, peeling, or flaking) or subject to friction or impact (windows, doors, etc.) via X-Ray fluorescence (XRF), exposed soil and drinking water, and household items (toys, etc.).

Lead-Based Paint Risk Assessment: conducted in accordance with HUD Chapter 5 Guidelines, 24 CFR 35.1320, and the work practice standards set forth in 40 CFR 745.227. These assessments consist of: a visual inspection to identify defective paint; XRF testing of deteriorated components to identify lead concentrations; collection and analysis of dust wipe samples; collection and analysis of soil samples when bare soil is present; and documentation including photographs and a site diagram.

Lead Wipe Clearance Tests: following tenant vacancy, certain maintenance work, or Environmental Investigation or Risk Assessment failure, a Lead Wipe Inspection may be performed. The inspection consists of a visual inspection and collection and analysis of lead dust wipe samples and / or collection and analysis of soil samples if work was completed that impacted exterior lead-based paint or if lead contaminated soil was remediated.

Lead Hazard Screening: are abbreviated evaluations performed at properties that are in good condition and demonstrate a low probability of containing lead-based paint hazards. Screenings consist of a visual inspection of the property, limited dust wipe sampling, and photo documentation of Site conditions.

XRF Lead-Based Paint Inspections: are conducted in accordance with Chapter 7 of the HUD Guidelines and 24 CFR 35.1320. Arc Environmental utilizes X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) to obtain real-time lead concentrations of painted and varnished surfaces.

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