HazMat Surveys & Project Design

Arc Environmental has performed hazardous and regulated materials surveys for over 10 million square feet of building space over the last 20 years. Our expert knowledge lends itself to the identification of a wide variety of potentially hazardous or regulated materials associated with industrial, commercial, residential, and custom facilities which require management, abatement, or disposal. Our cross trained staff are competent in assessing facilities for asbestos-containing materials, lead-based and lead-containing substances, PCBs, mercury-containing equipment, biological hazards, low-level radioactive sources, industry-specific sources of chemicals and heavy metals, and Universal Wastes.

Arc works with the Client to determine the intent and need for each assessment we perform. We provide partnerships with appropriately certified laboratories (i.e., NELAC, ELLAP, NVLAP, EMLAP, AIHA, and state-required certifications) to obtain quality analytical data which is used in conjunction with field observations and technical expertise to develop inspection reports for feasibility studies, existing conditions for pre-renovation/pre-demolition/modernization project, regulatory compliance requirements, and brownfields redevelopment.

Whether utilizing in-house survey data or that from another firm, our certified Project Designers work with building owners, GCs, property management companies, and A/E firms to develop appropriate abatement specification packages for bidding purposes. Arc Environmental prepares bid packages using SpecsIntact, NIBS, VA Masterspec, and client-specific design manuals.