Arc Environmental’s remediation program offers Clients a complete range of services, from the development of feasibility studies to conceptual and detailed design, procurement, installation, health and safety monitoring, construction management, and ongoing operation and maintenance. The remedial design starts with a well-formed conceptual site model, which is a critical component necessary to design an effective remedial approach for the site (passive or active). With the increased adoption of risk-based remedial decision making, non-intrusive remediation by natural attenuation or another passive approach is often the preferred corrective action for a site. Remediation approaches we have designed and implemented include removals, containment (capping, engineered controls and land use restrictions), groundwater pump and treat, and in-situ groundwater remediation (bioventing, aquifer air sparging, soil vapor extraction, and chemical oxidation).

Our remediation services include:

  • UST/AST Closures and Removal
  • Remediation System Feasibility Studies, Design, Installation, Operation & Maintenance
  • Cleanfill Capping
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation
  • Radon Survey & Mitigation