Private Industry

For over 20 years Arc Environmental has been servicing private industry clients. From Developers, Architects, and Attorneys to Builders, Lenders, Brokers and Insurers, Arc continues to play an important role in regional and national private sector business, providing timely and cost-effective environmental  and real estate advisory solutions.

Arc has a keen understanding of private industry assets and their impact on the bottom line.  We inquire and listen to our clients’ concerns, and observe the integrated functional relationship of various assets to corporate business strategy.  We then analyze our findings and present recommendations to preserve and enhance asset value for the company, its investors and customers. Arc understands the critical importance of maintaining continuous facility operations, providing reliable user-friendly maintenance management tools, space, systems and energy efficiency recommendations, and capital planning analysis tools.

Solutions:  Arc implements asset management best practices and real estate principles to preserve and enhance asset value with continuous and efficient facility operations. Facility Condition Assessments identify existing building and site conditions and deficiencies with recommendations and cost estimates to remedy the deficiencies.  Arc also offers intelligent maintenance and repair solutions to manage and conduct the continuous efficient and reliable operations of facilities, identify cost savings, estimate costs, schedule work orders and monitor results. Site and indoor environmental assessment and expertise offer solutions to meet regulatory compliance requirements.  Energy Audits combined with LEED principles offer solutions to optimize building energy efficiency and sustainability. Building Systems Life-Cycle Analysis offers intelligent enterprise capital planning solutions to prudently inform the budgeting and implementation of capital planning decision-making. A capital planning financial model offers scenario analysis of variables to guide and prioritize decision-making.

Arc adds value to companies, their shareholders and customers by integrating their knowledge of enterprise asset functions, budgets, schedules, maintenance and repair, regulatory compliance and capital planning with its knowledge of corporate assets’ contribution to operations and return on investment. Arc combines its technical knowledge in facility management with its skills in planning, advancements in innovative technology and market trends to achieve synergistic and intelligent asset management solutions.