Institution-Owned Assets

Arc’s experience with and understanding of institution-owned assets encompasses efficient and reliable operations, intelligent maintenance and repair management tools, cost saving initiatives, and informative enterprise capital planning tools. Arc understands the critical importance of preserving and enhancing asset value by maintaining continuous facility operations, providing a reliable user-friendly maintenance management tool, evaluating space and operational efficiencies, and planning for long-term capital replacements and improvements, while meeting regulatory compliance requirements.

Solutions: Arc incorporates asset management best practices with integrated environmental and real estate principles to support continuous facility operations. Facility Condition Assessments identify existing building and site conditions and deficiencies with recommendations and cost estimates to remedy the deficiencies. Arc also offers solutions to intelligently manage and conduct the maintenance and repair of facilities, estimate costs, schedule work orders and monitor results. Site and indoor environmental assessment and expertise offer solutions to meet regulatory compliance requirements. Energy Audits, combined with LEED principles, offer solutions to optimize building energy efficiency and sustainability. Building Systems Life-Cycle Analysis offers solutions to prudently inform the budgeting and implementation of capital planning decision-making. Capital planning financial modeling offers scenario analyses of variables to guide and prioritize decision-making.

Arc employs its knowledge and understanding of enterprise asset functions, operations, budgets and schedules with its comprehensive planning expertise and knowledge of advancements in innovative technology and market trends to achieve synergistic and intelligent asset management solutions.