U.S. Army Forest Glen Annex

Silver Spring, Maryland

Arc Environmental is contracted by the U.S. Army at Fort Detrick to perform multi-year groundwater monitoring, system maintenance, and petroleum free-product removal from the groundwater wells located adjacent to Building 500 at the Forest Glen Annex. Arc Environmental is responsible for the routine maintenance and proper operation of the existing passive hydrophobic absorbent wick system.

The remediation program at the Forest Glen Annex consists of the passive removal of the encountered LPH using absorbent wicks and bailers, surfactant treatments, enhanced fluid recovery (EFR), groundwater sampling and analysis, reporting, and populating the contractor manpower database maintained by the U.S. Army.

Arc Environmental developed an internal project management and delivery plan, project schedule, the Site Safety and Health Plan (SSHP), and the Chemical Sampling and Analysis Plan (CSAP). We worked collaboratively with the Army to identify data quality objectives (DQO), which helped establish our proposed Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program and CSAP. The SSHP and CSAP were presented to Fort Detrick within 30 calendar days of contract award. Arc Environmental coordinated with Fort Detrick to develop a Waste Management Plan that conforms to local, state and federal regulations.  Our past experience and familiarity with applicable regulations enabled our team to proactively identify, address and resolve potential problems early in the project to mitigate and/or eliminate cost and schedule impacts.

All accessible Site monitoring wells and former recovery wells are gauged using an interface probe on a monthly basis; all wells are sampled, and surfactant injection and EFR are performed quarterly. Results are summarized by Arc Environmental in monthly and quarterly status reports. A Contoured Groundwater Elevation Map based on the gauging data, and an iso-concentration map based on the groundwater sampling data are prepared as a part of our regular reporting procedures.