U.S. Army Installations & Facilities

Various locations throughout the mid-Atlantic

Over the past ten years, Arc Environmental has utilized its GSA Environmental Services contract to perform open-ended, environmental services at various U.S. Army installations and facilities throughout the mid-Atlantic for the Baltimore District. Projects have included, but have not been limited to, environmental planning services and documentation, environmental sampling and analysis, remediation services, report preparation, regulatory compliance, hazardous material disposal, and preparation of technical specifications, bid documents, and cost estimates.  Example Task Orders include the following:

  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC), Washington, DC – Buildings 1, 14, and 18:  Hazardous materials surveys, Indoor Air Quality assessments, mold assessments, asbestos air sampling, lead-based paint assessment, and quantification of PCB ballast, mercury vapor light tubes, and mercury containing thermostats
  • WRAMC Buildings T1, T2:  Asbestos abatement oversight, mold remediation monitoring and lead-based paint hazard reduction monitoring
  • WRAMC Steam Tunnel:  Groundwater sampling, analysis, and compliance reporting
  • Walson Hospital, Fort Dix, NJ – Buildings 5250, 5251 and 5252:  Industrial Hygiene Services
  • Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD – Buildings 4311, E5180:  Hazardous Materials Survey and post-remediation sampling
  • Fort McNair, Washington, DC – Building 61:  PCB sampling, analysis and compliance reporting
  • Fort Detrick, MD – Hazardous Materials Building survey, sampling and analysis
  • Fort Meade, MD – Hazardous Materials Building survey, sampling and analysis