BGE Westport Generating Station

Baltimore, Maryland

Arc Environmental completed a hazardous materials assessment of the Site, which identified petroleum products, mercury containing equipment, PCB containing equipment, flammable materials, compressed gas cylinders, lead acid batteries, and tires.  Arc Environmental completed the removal and coordinated the proper disposal of all hazardous and regulated materials. The work was completed as a fixed fee contract; when several previously unidentified oil reservoirs were discovered during building demolition activities, Arc Environmental mobilized to the Site and removed and properly disposed of the oil at no additional cost to the Client.

Arc Environmental completed the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) requested Supplemental Phase II Environmental Site Assessment and completed other requested items to obtain acceptance into Maryland’s VCP. Arc Environmental also prepared the VCP required Response Action Plan (RAP) for the Site.

To reduce the volume of building demolition debris removed from the Site, Arc Environmental proposed an innovative reuse of crushed concrete generated from the demolition of the main Site building. Arc Environmental proposed to the regulators that the crushed concrete from building demolition be allowed to be used as fill material, on-Site as well as on the adjoining Carr-Lowery property and during the construction of wetlands in the Middle Branch of the Patapsco River. Arc Environmental collected concrete core samples from throughout the building for analysis to certify the crushed concrete met the Solid Waste Programs definition of clean fill.  Additionally, the VCP approved the use of the demolition materials as fill beneath the environmental cap at both the BGE and Carr-Lowery Sites.