Arc Environmental currently performs on multi-year contracts with numerous government agencies, including:

Prime Contracts
GSA Schedule 899 – Environmental Services GS-10F-0007S
GSA National Capitol Region – Industrial Hygiene Services GS-11P-12-DC-C-0008
GSA National Capitol Region – Safety and Environmental Management Survey GS-11P-17-NW-D005
Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) – A & E Services BEP-RFI-14-0200
U.S. Army Forest Glen Annex – Wastewater Compliance Services W81XWH-09-F-0428
Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development Lead Abatement Program – Lead Hazard Risk Assessments B50003742
Maryland DHCD – Lead Paint Risk Assessment and Inspection Services DHCD-14-25-01
Maryland DHMH – Industrial Hygiene Services M10S0298400
Maryland Environmental Services – Environmental Management Systems, Engineering, & Environmental Compliance MES-13-02-02/5
Maryland Environmental Service – On-Call Environmental Consulting Services MES-12-07-49
Maryland Environmental Service – Lead-based Paint Testing Services 1-16-3-73-3
Maryland Environmental Service – Indoor Air Quality 1-16-3-71-3
NAVAIR Lakehurst – Industrial Hygiene Surveys N6833518PO419
Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority – Environmental Sampling & Analysis Services CQ13076
Philadelphia Housing Authority – Lead-based Paint Testing Services 004825B
Montgomery County DHCA – Lead Paint Inspections, Risk Assessment, & Testing 1013054
Housing Commission of Anne Arundel County – Environmental Assessment and Compliance Findings 041614
Baltimore County – Industrial Hygiene Services B-642
Baltimore County – Lead Hazard Risk Assessments B-712
Baltimore County Public Schools – AHERA Reinspection & Management Plans MBU-501-14
District of Columbia Department of Housing and Community Development – Lead Inspection Risk Assessments CW52474
District of Columbia Housing Authority – Lead-Based Inspection and Risk Assessment Services DCHA0014-2018
NAVFAC MID ATLANTIC – IDIQ for Multidisciplinary A&E Services N40085-14-D-5205
National Park Service National Capital Region – IDIQ Multidisciplinary Contract for A&E Design Services P14PS00070
National Park Service Northeast and National Capital Region – IDIQ Multidisciplinary Contract for A&E Design Services P14PS00037
United States Coast Guard Facilities Design and Construction Center – IDIQ MATOC for Multidisciplinary A&E Design Services 70Z05018DSTVMON03
Department of State Domestic Architecture & Engineering Services IDIQ S-AQMMA-17-D-008
United States Army Corps of Engineers W912DR-16-D-005
United States Army Intelligence and Security Command IDIQ Multidisciplinary A&E Services W912DR-17-R-0017
United States Army Corps of Engineers – Baltimore District IDIQ Multidisciplinary A&E Services W912DR-16-D-0010
Department of State Operations and Maintenance Services for the HST & Blair House Buildings S-AQMMA-D-0079
Mission and Installation Contracting Command W912DY-14-D-0039
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation Academy 4M IDIQ DJF-12-2100-PR-0009704
Air Force Civil Engineer Center – A&E Servies IDIQ FA8903-16-D-0008003